models.site_info module

class models.site_info.SiteInfo(classification=None, compatibility_level=None, description=None, design=None, design_id=None, geolocation=None, group_id=None, hubsite_id=None, hubsite_url=None, is_hubsite=None, is_multilingual=None, is_personalsite=None, is_public=None, is_subsite=None, lcid=None, locale_id=None, owner_vec=None, read_only=None, root_web_id=None, site=None, siteprop_vec=None, template=None, tenantsiteprop_vec=None, timezone_id=None, webprop_vec=None)[source]

Bases: object

Implementation of the ‘SiteInfo’ model.

Information about the site backed up that is used to restore. For example we need to create the extract site type that was backed up if the site does not exist. All fields are case insensitive. This is an aggregation of all required and optional parameters in New-PnPSite/New-TenantSite/New-PnPWeb cmdlets.


classification (string): Site classification assigned by administrator. compatibility_level (int): Compatibility level . Its the site’s

compatibility to SPO server version.

description (string): Admin entered description of this site. design (string): Needed for site collection create. Maps to

CommunicationSiteDesign enum (Topic = 0,Showcase = 1,Blank = 2)

design_id (string): Design template id. geolocation (string): Geo location of the site. group_id (string): Group Id to which this site belongs. hubsite_id (long|int): If it is a hub member site, the parent hub site


hubsite_url (string): If it is a hub member site, the parent hub site

url. This can be used to restore a hub site member to same hub site even when the site is deleted and recreated or across tenants.

is_hubsite (bool): Is it a Hub? This will be false for a hub


is_multilingual (bool): Site is multilingual, needs to get multilingual

resource pages.

is_personalsite (bool): Is this a personal site with

is_public (bool): Is this a public or private site? is_subsite (bool): Is this a subsite or root site? If this

is a subsite, it will inherit the template of root site.

lcid (int): Site LcId=1033 etc.. locale_id (int): Locale id of the site. Normally 1033 for US English


owner_vec (list of string): Owner. This is an email. Note

that across tenants, this email address may be invalid. At least one owner must be there.

read_only (bool): Site is read-only, locked, and unavailable for write


root_web_id (string): Rootwebid site (SiteIdentity): Site identifier echo. siteprop_vec (list of SiteProperty): Vector of sites collection

properties (for classic site collections). Got from Get-PnPSite.

template (string): Site Template such as GROUP#0,


tenantsiteprop_vec (list of SiteProperty): Vector of tenant sites

collection properties (for modern site collections). Got from Get-PnPTenantSite.

timezone_id (int): Timezone Id. This is needed to create a site

collection(tenant site).

webprop_vec (list of SiteProperty): Vector of sites collection

properties (for subsites). Got from Get-PnPWeb.

classmethod from_dictionary(dictionary)[source]

Creates an instance of this model from a dictionary


dictionary (dictionary): A dictionary representation of the object as obtained from the deserialization of the server’s response. The keys MUST match property names in the API description.


object: An instance of this structure class.