models.file_size_policy_enum module

class models.file_size_policy_enum.FileSizePolicyEnum[source]

Bases: object

Implementation of the ‘FileSizePolicy’ enum.

Specifies policy to select a file to uptier based on its size. eg. A file can be selected to uptier if its size is greater than or smaller than the FileSizeBytes. enum: kGreaterThan, kSmallerThan. Specifies policy for file selection in data uptier jobs based on file size. ‘kGreaterThan’: Uptier the files having size greater than file_size. ‘kSmallerThan’: Uptier the files having size smaller than file_size.


KGREATERTHAN: TODO: type description here. KSMALLERTHAN: TODO: type description here.

KGREATERTHAN = 'kGreaterThan'
KSMALLERTHAN = 'kSmallerThan'