controllers.privileges_controller module

class controllers.privileges_controller.PrivilegesController(config=None, client=None, call_back=None)[source]

Bases: cohesity_management_sdk.controllers.base_controller.BaseController

A Controller to access Endpoints in the cohesity_management_sdk API.


Does a GET request to /public/privileges.

If the ‘name’ parameter is not specified, all privileges defined on the Cohesity Cluster are returned. In addition, information about each privilege is returned such as the associated category, description, name, etc. If an exact privilege name (such as PRINCIPAL_VIEW) is specified in the ‘name’ parameter, only information about that single privilege is returned.


name (string, optional): Specifies the name of the privilege.


list of PrivilegeInfo: Response from the API. Success

APIException: When an error occurs while fetching the data from

the remote API. This exception includes the HTTP Response code, an error message, and the HTTP body that was received in the request.