models_v2.locking_protocol_enum module

class models_v2.locking_protocol_enum.LockingProtocolEnum[source]

Bases: object

Implementation of the ‘LockingProtocol’ enum.

Specifies the supported mechanisms to explicity lock a file from NFS/SMB interface. Supported locking protocols: SetReadOnly, SetAtime. ‘SetReadOnly’ is compatible with Isilon/Netapp behaviour. This locks the file and the retention duration is determined in this order: 1) atime, if set by user/application and within min and max retention duration. 2) Min retention duration, if set. 3) Otherwise, file is switched to expired data automatically. ‘SetAtime’ is compatible with Data Domain behaviour.


SETREADONLY: TODO: type description here. SETATIME: TODO: type description here.

SETATIME = 'SetAtime'