models_v2.io_filter_status_enum module

class models_v2.io_filter_status_enum.IoFilterStatusEnum[source]

Bases: object

Implementation of the ‘IoFilterStatus’ enum.

Specifies the state of CDP IO filter. CDP IO filter is an agent which will be installed on the object for performing continious backup. <br> 1. ‘kNotInstalled’ specifies that CDP is enabled on this object but filter is not installed. <br> 2. ‘kInstallFilterInProgress’ specifies that IO filter installation is triggered and in progress. <br> 3. ‘kFilterInstalledIOInactive’ specifies that IO filter is installed but IO streaming is disabled due to missing backup or explicitly disabled by the user. <br> 4. ‘kIOActivationInProgress’ specifies that IO filter is activated to start streaming. <br> 5. ‘kIOActive’ specifies that filter is attached to theeee object and started streaming. <br> 6. ‘kIODeactivationInProgress’ specifies that deactivattion has been initiated to stop the IO streaming. <br> 7. ‘kUninstallFilterInProgress’ specifies that uninstallation of IO filter is in progress.


NOTINSTALLED: TODO: type description here. INSTALLFILTERINPROGRESS: TODO: type description here. FILTERINSTALLEDIOINACTIVE: TODO: type description here. IOACTIVATIONINPROGRESS: TODO: type description here. IOACTIVE: TODO: type description here. IODEACTIVATIONINPROGRESS: TODO: type description here. UNINSTALLFILTERINPROGRESS: TODO: type description here.

NOTINSTALLED = 'NotInstalled'