models.tools_running_status_enum module

class models.tools_running_status_enum.ToolsRunningStatusEnum[source]

Bases: object

Implementation of the ‘ToolsRunningStatus’ enum.

Specifies the status of VMware Tools for the guest OS on the VM. This is only valid for the ‘kVirtualMachine’ type. ‘kGuestToolsRunning’ means the VMware tools are running on the guest OS. ‘kGuestToolsNotRunning’ means the VMware tools are not running on the guest OS. ‘kUnknown’ means the state of the VMware tools on the guest OS is not known. ‘kGuestToolsExecutingScripts’ means the guest OS is currently executing scripts using VMware tools.


KUNKNOWN: TODO: type description here. KGUESTTOOLSEXECUTINGSCRIPTS: TODO: type description here. KGUESTTOOLSNOTRUNNING: TODO: type description here. KGUESTTOOLSRUNNING: TODO: type description here.

KUNKNOWN = 'kUnknown'