models.restore_files_task_request module

class models.restore_files_task_request.RestoreFilesTaskRequest(continue_on_error=None, file_recovery_method=None, filenames=None, is_file_based_volume_restore=None, mount_disks_on_vm=None, name=None, new_base_directory=None, overwrite=None, password=None, preserve_attributes=None, restored_file_info_list=None, source_object_info=None, target_host_type=None, target_parent_source_id=None, target_source_id=None, use_existing_agent=None, username=None)[source]

Bases: object

Implementation of the ‘RestoreFilesTaskRequest’ model.

Specifies information about a Restore Task that recovers files and folders.

continue_on_error (bool): Specifies if the Restore Task should

continue even if the copy operation of some files and folders fails. If true, the Cohesity Cluster ignores intermittent errors and recovers as many files and folders as possible. If false, the Restore Task stops recovering when a copy operation fails.

file_recovery_method (FileRecoveryMethodEnum): Specifies the type of

method to be used to perform file recovery. ‘kAutoDeploy’ indicates that file restore operation will be performed using an ephemeral agent. ‘kUseExistingAgent’ indicates that file restore operation will be performed using an persistent agent. ‘kUseHypervisorAPIs’ indicates that file restore operation will be performed using an hypervisor API’s.

filenames (list of string): Array of Files or Folders. Specifies the

files and folders to recover from the snapshot.

is_file_based_volume_restore (bool): Specifies whether this is a file

based volume restore.

mount_disks_on_vm (bool): Sepcifies whether this will attach disks or

mount disks on the VM side OR use Storage Proxy RPCs to stream data

name (string): Specifies the name of the Restore Task. This field must

be set and must be a unique name.

new_base_directory (string): Specifies an optional root folder where

to recover the selected files and folders. By default, files and folders are restored to their original path.

overwrite (bool): If true, any existing files and folders on the

operating system are overwritten by the recovered files or folders. This is the default. If false, existing files and folders are not overwritten.

password (string): Specifies password of the username to access the

target source.

preserve_attributes (bool): If true, the Restore Tasks preserves the

original file and folder attributes. This is the default.

restored_file_info_list (list of RestoredFileInfoList): Specifies

information regarding files and directories.

source_object_info (RestoreObjectDetails): Specifies information about

the source object (such as a VM) that contains the files and folders to recover. In addition, it contains information about the Protection Job and Job Run that captured the snapshot to recover from. To specify a particular snapshot, you must specify a jobRunId and a startTimeUsecs. If jobRunId and startTimeUsecs are not specified, the last Job Run of the specified Job is used.

target_host_type (TargetHostTypeEnum): Specifies the target host types

to be restored. ‘kLinux’ indicates the Linux operating system. ‘kWindows’ indicates the Microsoft Windows operating system. ‘kAix’ indicates the IBM AIX operating system. ‘kSolaris’ indicates the Oracle Solaris operating system. ‘kSapHana’ indicates the Sap Hana database system developed by SAP SE. ‘kOther’ indicates the other types of operating system.

target_parent_source_id (long|int): Specifies the registered source

(such as a vCenter Server) that contains the target protection source (such as a VM) where the files and folders are recovered to. This field is not required for a Physical Server.

target_source_id (long|int): Specifies the id of the target protection

source (such as a VM) where the files and folders are recovered to.

use_existing_agent (bool): Specifies whether this will use an existing

agent on the target vm to do restore. Following field is deprecated and shall not be used. Please refer to the FileRecoveryMethod field for more information.

username (string): Specifies username to access the target source.

classmethod from_dictionary(dictionary)[source]

Creates an instance of this model from a dictionary


dictionary (dictionary): A dictionary representation of the object as obtained from the deserialization of the server’s response. The keys MUST match property names in the API description.


object: An instance of this structure class.