models.update_view_param module

class models.update_view_param.UpdateViewParam(access_sids=None, antivirus_scan_config=None, description=None, enable_fast_durable_handle=None, enable_filer_audit_logging=None, enable_live_indexing=None, enable_mixed_mode_permissions=None, enable_nfs_view_discovery=None, enable_offline_caching=None, enable_smb_access_based_enumeration=None, enable_smb_encryption=None, enable_smb_oplock=None, enable_smb_view_discovery=None, enforce_smb_encryption=None, file_extension_filter=None, file_lock_config=None, is_externally_triggered_backup_target=None, logical_quota=None, netgroup_whitelist=None, nfs_all_squash=None, nfs_root_permissions=None, nfs_root_squash=None, override_global_netgroup_whitelist=None, override_global_whitelist=None, protocol_access=None, qos=None, security_mode=None, share_permissions=None, smb_permissions_info=None, storage_policy_override=None, subnet_whitelist=None, swift_project_domain=None, swift_project_name=None, tenant_id=None, view_lock_enabled=None)[source]

Bases: object

Implementation of the ‘UpdateViewParam’ model.

Specifies the settings that define a View.

access_sids (list of string): Array of Security Identifiers (SIDs)

Specifies the list of security identifiers (SIDs) for the restricted Principals who have access to this View.

antivirus_scan_config (AntivirusScanConfig): Specifies the antivirus

scan config settings for this View.

description (string): Specifies an optional text description about the


enable_fast_durable_handle (bool): Specifies whether fast durable

handle is enabled. If enabled, view open handle will be kept in memory, which results in a higher performance. But the handles cannot be recovered if node or service crashes.

enable_filer_audit_logging (bool): Specifies if Filer Audit Logging is

enabled for this view.

enable_live_indexing (bool): Specifies whether to enable live indexing

for the view.

enable_mixed_mode_permissions (bool): If set, mixed mode (NFS and SMB)

access is enabled for this view. This field is deprecated. Use the field SecurityMode. deprecated: true

enable_nfs_view_discovery (bool): If set, it enables discovery of view

for NFS.

enable_offline_caching (bool): Specifies whether to enable offline

file caching of the view.

enable_smb_access_based_enumeration (bool): Specifies if access-based

enumeration should be enabled. If ‘true’, only files and folders that the user has permissions to access are visible on the SMB share for that user.

enable_smb_encryption (bool): Specifies the SMB encryption for the

View. If set, it enables the SMB encryption for the View. Encryption is supported only by SMB 3.x dialects. Dialects that do not support would still access data in unencrypted format.

enable_smb_oplock (bool): Specifies whether SMB opportunistic lock is


enable_smb_view_discovery (bool): If set, it enables discovery of view

for SMB.

enforce_smb_encryption (bool): Specifies the SMB encryption for all

the sessions for the View. If set, encryption is enforced for all the sessions for the View. When enabled all future and existing unencrypted sessions are disallowed.

file_extension_filter (FileExtensionFilter): Optional filtering

criteria that should be satisfied by all the files created in this view. It does not affect existing files.

file_lock_config (FileLevelDataLockConfig): Specifies a config to lock

files in a view - to protect from malicious or an accidental attempt to delete or modify the files in this view.

is_externally_triggered_backup_target (bool): Specifies whether view

is for externally triggered backup target.

logical_quota (QuotaPolicy): Specifies an optional logical quota limit

(in bytes) for the usage allowed on this View. (Logical data is when the data is fully hydrated and expanded.) This limit overrides the limit inherited from the Storage Domain (View Box) (if set). If logicalQuota is nil, the limit is inherited from the Storage Domain (View Box) (if set). A new write is not allowed if the Storage Domain (View Box) will exceed the specified quota. However, it takes time for the Cohesity Cluster to calculate the usage across Nodes, so the limit may be exceeded by a small amount. In addition, if the limit is increased or data is removed, there may be a delay before the Cohesity Cluster allows more data to be written to the View, as the Cluster is calculating the usage across Nodes.

netgroup_whitelist (list of NisNetgroup): Array of Netgroups.

Specifies a list of Netgroups that have permissions to access the View. (Overrides the Netgroups specified at the global Cohesity Cluster level.)

nfs_all_squash (NfsSquash): Specifies the NFS all squash config. nfs_root_permissions (NfsRootPermissions): Specifies the config of NFS

root permission of a view file system.

nfs_root_squash (NfsSquash): Specifies the NFS root squash config. override_global_netgroup_whitelist (bool): Specifies whether view

level client netgroup whitelist overrides cluster and global setting.

override_global_whitelist (bool): Specifies whether view level client

subnet whitelist overrides cluster and global setting.

protocol_access (ProtocolAccessEnum): Specifies the supported

Protocols for the View. ‘kAll’ enables protocol access to all three views: NFS, SMB and S3. ‘kNFSOnly’ enables protocol access to NFS only. ‘kSMBOnly’ enables protocol access to SMB only. ‘kS3Only’ enables protocol access to S3 only.

qos (QoS): Specifies the Quality of Service (QoS) Policy for the


security_mode (SecurityModeEnum): Specifies the security mode used for

this view. Currently we support the following modes: Native, Unified and NTFS style. ‘kNativeMode’ indicates a native security mode. ‘kUnifiedMode’ indicates a unified security mode. ‘kNtfsMode’ indicates a NTFS style security mode.

share_permissions (list of SmbPermission): Specifies a list of share

level permissions.

smb_permissions_info (SmbPermissionsInfo): Specifies information about

SMB permissions.

storage_policy_override (StoragePolicyOverride): Specifies if inline

deduplication and compression settings inherited from Storage Domain (View Box) should be disabled for this View.

subnet_whitelist (list of Subnet): Array of Subnets. Specifies a list

of Subnets with IP addresses that have permissions to access the View. (Overrides the Subnets specified at the global Cohesity Cluster level.)

swift_project_domain (string): Specifies the Keystone project domain. swift_project_name (string): Specifies the Keystone project name. tenant_id (string): Optional tenant id who has access to this View. view_lock_enabled (bool): Specifies whether view lock is enabled. If

enabled the view cannot be modified or deleted until unlock. By default it is disabled.

classmethod from_dictionary(dictionary)[source]

Creates an instance of this model from a dictionary


dictionary (dictionary): A dictionary representation of the object as obtained from the deserialization of the server’s response. The keys MUST match property names in the API description.


object: An instance of this structure class.