models.state_service_state_result_enum module

class models.state_service_state_result_enum.StateServiceStateResultEnum[source]

Bases: object

Implementation of the ‘State_ServiceStateResult’ enum.

Specifies the state of the service. ‘kServiceStopped’ indicates that the service has been stopped. ‘kServiceRunning’ indicates that the service is currently running. ‘kServiceRestarting’ indicates that the service is in the queue to be restarted.


KSERVICESTOPPED: TODO: type description here. KSERVICERUNNING: TODO: type description here. KSERVICERESTARTING: TODO: type description here.

KSERVICERESTARTING = 'kServiceRestarting'
KSERVICERUNNING = 'kServiceRunning'
KSERVICESTOPPED = 'kServiceStopped'