models.aag_preference_enum module

class models.aag_preference_enum.AagPreferenceEnum[source]

Bases: object

Implementation of the ‘AagPreference’ enum.

Specifies the preference for backing up databases that are part of an AAG. Only applicable if ‘aagPreferenceFromSqlServer’ is set to false or not given. kPrimaryReplicaOnly implies backups should always occur on the primary replica. kSecondaryReplicaOnly implies backups should always occur on the secondary replica. kPreferSecondaryReplica implies secondary replica is preferred for backups. kAnyReplica implies no preference of about whether backups are performed on the primary replica or on a secondary replica. If no secondary replica is available, then performing backups on the primary replica is acceptable.


KPRIMARYREPLICAONLY: TODO: type description here. KSECONDARYREPLICAONLY: TODO: type description here. KPREFERSECONDARYREPLICA: TODO: type description here. KANYREPLICA: TODO: type description here.

KANYREPLICA = 'kAnyReplica'