models.vm_backup_status_enum module

class models.vm_backup_status_enum.VmBackupStatusEnum[source]

Bases: object

Implementation of the ‘VmBackupStatus’ enum.

Specifies the status of the VM for backup purpose. overrideDescription: true Specifies the backup status of a HyperV Virtual Machine object. ‘kSupported’ indicates the agent on the VM can do backup. ‘kUnsupportedConfig’ indicates the agent on the VM cannot do backup. ‘kMissing’ indicates the VM is not found in SCVMM.


KSUPPORTED: TODO: type description here. KUNSUPPORTEDCONFIG: TODO: type description here. KMISSING: TODO: type description here.

KMISSING = 'kMissing'
KSUPPORTED = 'kSupported'
KUNSUPPORTEDCONFIG = 'kUnsupportedConfig'