models.update_protection_source_parameters module

class models.update_protection_source_parameters.UpdateProtectionSourceParameters(agent_endpoint=None, aws_credentials=None, aws_fleet_params=None, azure_credentials=None, blacklisted_ip_addresses=None, cluster_network_info=None, endpoint=None, exchange_dag_protection_preference=None, force_register=None, gcp_credentials=None, host_type=None, kubernetes_credentials=None, minimum_free_space_gb=None, nas_mount_credentials=None, office_365_credentials=None, office_365_region=None, password=None, re_register=None, source_side_dedup_enabled=None, ssl_verification=None, subnets=None, throttling_policy=None, throttling_policy_overrides=None, use_o_auth_for_exchange_online=None, username=None, vlan_params=None)[source]

Bases: object

Implementation of the ‘UpdateProtectionSourceParameters’ model.

UpdateProtectionSourceParameters defines a public data definition for updating protection source.

agent_endpoint (string): Specifies the agent endpoint if it is

different from the source endpoint.

aws_credentials (AwsCredentials): Specifies the credentials to

authenticate with AWS Cloud Platform.

aws_fleet_params (AwsFleetParams): Specifies information related to

AWS fleets launched for various purposes. This will only be set for kIAMUser entity.

azure_credentials (AzureCredentials): Specifies the credentials to

authenticate with Azure Cloud Platform.

blacklisted_ip_addresses (list of string): This field is deprecated.

Use DeniedIpAddresses instead. deprecated: true

cluster_network_info (FleetNetworkParams): Specifies information

related to cluster. This is only valid for CE clusters. This is only populated for kIAMUser entity.

endpoint (string): Specifies the network endpoint of the Protection

Source where it is reachable. It could be an URL or hostname or an IP address of the Protection Source.

exchange_dag_protection_preference (ExchangeDAGProtectionPreference):

Specifies information about the preference order while choosing between which database copy of the exchange database which is part of DAG should be protected.

force_register (bool): ForceRegister is applicable to Physical

Environment. By default, the agent running on a physical host will fail the registration, if it is already registered as part of another cluster. By setting this option to true, agent can be forced to register with the current cluster. This is a hidden parameter and should not be documented externally.

gcp_credentials (GcpCredentials): Specifies the credentials to

authenticate with Google Cloud Platform.

host_type (HostTypeUpdateProtectionSourceParametersEnum): Specifies

the optional OS type of the Protection Source (such as kWindows or kLinux). overrideDescription: true ‘kLinux’ indicates the Linux operating system. ‘kWindows’ indicates the Microsoft Windows operating system. ‘kAix’ indicates the IBM AIX operating system. ‘kSolaris’ indicates the Oracle Solaris operating system. ‘kSapHana’ indicates the Sap Hana database system developed by SAP SE. ‘kOther’ indicates the other types of operating system.

kubernetes_credentials (KubernetesCredentials): Specifies the

credentials to authenticate with a Kubernetes Cluster.

minimum_free_space_gb (long|int): Specifies the minimum space in GB

after which backup jobs will be canceled due to low space.

nas_mount_credentials (NasMountCredentialParams): Specifies the server

credentials to connect to a NetApp server. This field is required for mounting SMB volumes on NetApp servers.

office_365_credentials (Office365Credentials): Specifies the

credentials to authenticate with Office365 account.

office_365_region (string): Specifies the region for Office365. password (string): Specifies password of the username to access the

target source.

re_register (bool): ReRegister is applicable to Physical Environment.

By default, the agent running on a physical host will fail the registration, if it is already registered with the cluster. By setting this option to true, agent can be re-registered with the current cluster.

source_side_dedup_enabled (bool): This controls whether to use source

side dedup on the source or not. This is only applicable to sources which support source side dedup (e.g., Linux physical servers).

ssl_verification (SslVerification): Specifies information about SSL

verification when registering certain sources.

subnets (list of Subnet): Specifies the list of subnet IP addresses

and CIDR prefix for enabeling network data transfer. Currently, only Subnet IP and NetbaskBits are valid input fields. All other fields provided as input will be ignored.

throttling_policy (ThrottlingPolicyParameters): Specifies the

throttling policy that should be applied to this Source.

throttling_policy_overrides (list of ThrottlingPolicyOverride): Array

of Throttling Policy Overrides for Datastores. Specifies a list of Throttling Policy for datastores that override the common throttling policy specified for the registered Protection Source. For datastores not in this list, common policy will still apply.

use_o_auth_for_exchange_online (bool): Specifies whether OAuth should

be used for authentication in case of Exchange Online.

username (string): Specifies username to access the target source. vlan_params (VlanParameters): Specifies the VLAN parameters to be used

while taking the backup of this entity and is the preferred selection for restoring the same. For restores, the VLAN parameters specifed here can be overridden. Currently, this is only applicable for Physical hosts running Oracle.

classmethod from_dictionary(dictionary)[source]

Creates an instance of this model from a dictionary


dictionary (dictionary): A dictionary representation of the object as obtained from the deserialization of the server’s response. The keys MUST match property names in the API description.


object: An instance of this structure class.