models_v2.common_protection_group_run_response_parameters module

class models_v2.common_protection_group_run_response_parameters.CommonProtectionGroupRunResponseParameters(id=None, protection_group_instance_id=None, protection_group_id=None, is_replication_run=None, origin_cluster_identifier=None, origin_protection_group_id=None, protection_group_name=None, is_local_snapshots_deleted=None, objects=None, local_backup_info=None, original_backup_info=None, replication_info=None, archival_info=None, cloud_spin_info=None, on_legal_hold=None, permissions=None, has_local_snapshot=None, environment=None, externally_triggered_backup_tag=None)[source]

Bases: object

Implementation of the ‘Common Protection Group run response parameters.’ model.

Specifies the parameters which are common between Protection Group runs of all Protection Groups.


id (string): Specifies the ID of the Protection Group run. protection_group_instance_id (long|int): Protection Group instance Id.

This field will be removed later.

protection_group_id (string): ProtectionGroupId to which this run


is_replication_run (bool): Specifies if this protection run is a

replication run.

origin_cluster_identifier (ClusterIdentifier): Specifies the

information about a cluster.

origin_protection_group_id (string): ProtectionGroupId to which this

run belongs on the primary clusterif this run is a replication run.

protection_group_name (string): Name of the Protection Group to which

this run belongs.

is_local_snapshots_deleted (bool): Specifies if snapshots for this run

has been deleted.

objects (list of SnapshotReplicationArchivalResultsForAnObject):

Snapahot, replication, archival results for each object.

local_backup_info (SummaryInformationForLocalSnapshotRun): Specifies

summary information about local snapshot run across all objects.

original_backup_info (SummaryInformationForLocalSnapshotRun):

Specifies summary information about local snapshot run across all objects.

replication_info (SummaryInformationForReplicationRun): Specifies

summary information about replication run.

archival_info (SummaryInformationForArchivalRun): Specifies summary

information about archival run.

cloud_spin_info (SummaryInformationForCloudSpinRun): Specifies summary

information about cloud spin run.

on_legal_hold (bool): Specifies if the Protection Run is on legal


permissions (list of Tenant): Specifies the list of tenants that have

permissions for this protection group run.

has_local_snapshot (bool): Specifies whether the run has a local

snapshot. For cloud retrieved runs there may not be local snapshots.

environment (string): Specifies the environment of the Protection


externally_triggered_backup_tag (string): The tag of externally

triggered backup job.

classmethod from_dictionary(dictionary)[source]

Creates an instance of this model from a dictionary


dictionary (dictionary): A dictionary representation of the object as obtained from the deserialization of the server’s response. The keys MUST match property names in the API description.


object: An instance of this structure class.