models.status_exchange_host_info_enum module

class models.status_exchange_host_info_enum.StatusExchangeHostInfoEnum[source]

Bases: object

Implementation of the ‘Status_ExchangeHostInfo’ enum.

Specifies the status of the registration of the Exchange Host. Specifies the status of registration of Exchange Application Server. ‘kUnknown’ indicates the status is not known. ‘kHealthy’ indicates the status is healty and is registered as Exchange Server. ‘kUnHealthy’ indicates the exchange application is registered on the physical server but it is unreachable now. ‘kUnregistered’ indicates the server is not registered as physical source. ‘kUnreachable’ indicates the server is not reachable from the cohesity cluster or the cohesity protection server is not installed on the exchange server. ‘kDetached’ indicates the server is removed from the ExchangeDAG.


KUNKNOWN: TODO: type description here. KHEALTHY: TODO: type description here. KUNHEALTHY: TODO: type description here. KUNREGISTERED: TODO: type description here. KUNREACHABLE: TODO: type description here. KDETACHED: TODO: type description here.

KDETACHED = 'kDetached'
KHEALTHY = 'kHealthy'
KUNHEALTHY = 'kUnHealthy'
KUNKNOWN = 'kUnknown'
KUNREACHABLE = 'kUnreachable'
KUNREGISTERED = 'kUnregistered'