models.snapshot_info_proto module

class models.snapshot_info_proto.SnapshotInfoProto(error_rocksdb_name=None, file_walk_done=None, front_end_size_info=None, num_app_instances=None, num_app_objects=None, post_backup_script_status=None, pre_backup_script_status=None, relative_snapshot_dir=None, root_path=None, scribe_table_column=None, scribe_table_row=None, slave_task_start_time_usecs=None, snapshot_type=None, source_snapshot_create_time_usecs=None, source_snapshot_name=None, source_snapshot_status=None, storage_snapshot_provider=None, target_type=None, total_bytes_read_from_source=None, total_bytes_tiered=None, total_bytes_to_read_from_source=None, total_changed_entity_count=None, total_entity_count=None, total_logical_backup_size_bytes=None, total_primary_physical_size_bytes=None, mtype=None, view_case_insensitivity_altered=None, view_name=None, view_name_to_gc=None, warnings=None)[source]

Bases: object

Implementation of the ‘SnapshotInfoProto’ model.

Each available extension is listed below along with the location of the proto file (relative to magneto/connectors) where it is defined. The only exception is view.proto and physical.proto which reside in magneto/base. SnapshotInfoProto extension Location Extn =========================================================================== == vmware::SnapshotInfo::vmware_snapshot_info vmware/vmware.proto 100 sql::SnapshotInfo::sql_snapshot_info sql/sql.proto 101 view::SnapshotInfo::view_snapshot_info base/view.proto 102 physical::SnapshotInfo::physical_snapshot_info base/physical.proto 103 san::SnapshotInfo::san_snapshot_info san/san.proto 104 file::SnapshotInfo::file_snapshot_info file/file.proto 105 hyperv::SnapshotInfo::hyperv_snapshot_info hyperv/hyperv.proto 106 acropolis::SnapshotInfo:: acropolis_snapshot_info acropolis/acropolis.proto 107 kvm::SnapshotInfo::kvm_snapshot_info kvm/kvm.proto 108 app_file::SnapshotInfo::app_file_snapshot_info app_file/app_file.proto 109 oracle::SnapshotInfo::oracle_snapshot_info oracle/oracle.proto 110 aws::SnapshotInfo::aws_snapshot_info aws/aws.proto 111 outlook::SnapshotInfo::outlook_snapshot_info outlook/outlook.proto 112 azure::SnapshotInfo::azure_snapshot_info azure/azure.proto 113 gcp::SnapshotInfo::gcp_snapshot_info gcp/gcp.proto 114 ad::SnapshotInfo::ad_snapshot_info ad/ad.proto 115 MSGraph::SnapshotInfo::one_drive_snapshot_info ms_graph/graph.proto 116 kubernetes::SnapshotInfo:: kubernetes_snapshot_info kubernetes/kubernetes.proto 117 aws::RDSSnapshotInfo::rds_snapshot_info aws/aws.proto 118 o365::SnapshotInfo::o365_snapshot_info o365/o365.proto 119 exchange::SnapshotInfo::exchange_snapshot_info exchange/exchange.proto 120 o365::SharepointSnapshotInfo::sharepoint_snapshot_info o365/o365.proto 121 MSGraph::SharepointListSnapshotInfo::sharepoint_list_snapshot_info ms_graph/graph.proto 122 cdp::SnapshotInfo::cdp_snapshot_info base/cdp.proto 123 imanis::SnapshotInfo::nosql_snapshot_info imanis/nosql.proto 124 o365::PublicFolderSnapshotInfo::public_folder_snapshot_info o365/o365.proto 125 SnapshotInfo::uda_snapshot_info uda.proto 126 o365::TeamsSnapshotInfo::teams_snapshot_info o365/o365.proto 127 o365::O365GroupSnapshotInfo::o365_group_snapshot_info o365/o365.proto 128 =========================================================================== ==

error_rocksdb_name (string): The name of the rocksdb directory for

errors seen during this backup, stored in ‘config’ directory of the current view.

file_walk_done (bool): This field is only applicable for NAS and file

backup jobs. It indicates whether the file walk portion of the backup has completed.

front_end_size_info (SizeInfo): Front end size information. An example

use case is for billing purposes in “[Backup | Data Management] as a Service” offering.

num_app_instances (int): Number of application instances backed up by

this task. For example, if the environment type is kSQL, this number is for the SQL server instances.

num_app_objects (int): Number of application objects in total backed

up by this task. For example, if the environment type is kSQL, this number is for all of the SQL server databases

post_backup_script_status (ScriptExecutionStatus): Captures the

execution status of post backup script.

pre_backup_script_status (ScriptExecutionStatus): Captures the

execution status of pre backup script.

relative_snapshot_dir (string): This is the path relative to

‘root_path’ under which the snapshot lives. This does not begin with a ‘/’ and is of the form foo/bar/baz.

root_path (string): The root path under which the snapshot is stored.

This is of the form “/ViewBox/ViewName/fs”.

scribe_table_column (string): If this backup task stores any auxiliary

state in Scribe table, this field will be populated with the column key in that table where such state is stored. Data stored in the column is extension of SnapshotScribeInfoProto message.

scribe_table_row (string): If this backup task stores any auxiliary

state in Scribe table, this field will be populated with the row key in that table where such state is stored.

slave_task_start_time_usecs (long|int): This is the timestamp at which

the slave task started.

snapshot_type (ObjectSnapshotType): Captures the snapshot type for

some objects such as VM.

source_snapshot_create_time_usecs (long|int): The source snapshot

create time.

source_snapshot_name (string): This filed is only applicable for NAS

when we do backup from Readonly/DataProtect volume where we use already created snapshot on the source.

source_snapshot_status (int): Indicates the state of the source

snapshot if it is being managed by the master op. ‘source_snapshot_name’ will be set to indicate the snapshot name. At the moment, this feature is enabled only for Netapp & Isilon adapters to support continuous snapshotting feature.

storage_snapshot_provider (StorageSnapshotProviderParams): Specifies

the parameters required for Storage Snapshot provider.

target_type (int): Specifies the target type for the task. The field

is only valid if the task has got a permit.

total_bytes_read_from_source (long|int): Contains the information

regarding number of bytes that are read from the source (such as VM) so far.

total_bytes_tiered (long|int): Total amount of data successfully

tiered from the NAS source.

total_bytes_to_read_from_source (long|int): Contains the total number

of bytes that will be read from the source (such as VM) for this snapshot.

total_changed_entity_count (long|int): The total number of file and

directory entities that have changed since last backup. Only applicable to file based backups.

total_entity_count (long|int): The total number of file and directory

entities visited in this backup. Only applicable to file based backups.

total_logical_backup_size_bytes (long|int): Logical size of the source

whose snapshot is being taken. This is the amount of data we would have read from the source had this been a full backup.

total_primary_physical_size_bytes (long|int): Contains the information

regarding number of bytes that the source (such as VM) has taken up on the primary storage.

mtype (int): The type of environment this snapshot info pertains to. view_case_insensitivity_altered (bool): Whether during the backup, the

backup view’s case insensitivity property has been altered. If so, Madrox needs to take corresponding actions during replication.

view_name (string): The view name under which the snapshot was

created. NOTE: This is populated only for View, Puppeteer, NAS and Oracle backup.

view_name_to_gc (string): The view name under which the snapshot of

the migrated data was created. NOTE: This is populated only for data migration tasks.

warnings (list of ErrorProto): Warnings if any. These warnings will be

propogated to the UI by master.

classmethod from_dictionary(dictionary)[source]

Creates an instance of this model from a dictionary


dictionary (dictionary): A dictionary representation of the object as obtained from the deserialization of the server’s response. The keys MUST match property names in the API description.


object: An instance of this structure class.