models.worm_retention_type_protection_policy_enum module

class models.worm_retention_type_protection_policy_enum.WormRetentionTypeProtectionPolicyEnum[source]

Bases: object

Implementation of the ‘WormRetentionType_ProtectionPolicy’ enum.

Specifies WORM retention type for the snapshots. When a WORM retention type is specified, the snapshots of the Protection Jobs using this policy will be kept until the maximum of the snapshot retention time. During that time, the snapshots cannot be deleted. This field is deprecated. Use DataLockConfig for incremental runs, DataLockConfigLog for log runs, DataLockConfigSystem for BMR runs, and DataLockConfig in extended retention and for copy targets config. deprecated: true ‘kNone’ implies there is no WORM retention set. ‘kCompliance’ implies WORM retention is set for compliance reason. ‘kAdministrative’ implies WORM retention is set for administrative purposes.


KNONE: TODO: type description here. KCOMPLIANCE: TODO: type description here. KADMINISTRATIVE: TODO: type description here.

KADMINISTRATIVE = 'kAdministrative'
KCOMPLIANCE = 'kCompliance'
KNONE = 'kNone'