models.update_cluster_params module

class models.update_cluster_params.UpdateClusterParams(apps_subnet=None, banner_enabled=None, cluster_audit_log_config=None, dns_server_ips=None, domain_names=None, enable_active_monitoring=None, enable_upgrade_pkg_polling=None, encryption_key_rotation_period_secs=None, fault_tolerance_level=None, filer_audit_log_config=None, gateway=None, google_analytics_enabled=None, is_documentation_local=None, language_locale=None, local_auth_domain_name=None, local_groups_enabled=None, metadata_fault_tolerance_factor=None, multi_tenancy_enabled=None, name=None, ntp_settings=None, pcie_ssd_tier_rebalance_delay_secs=None, reverse_tunnel_enabled=None, reverse_tunnel_end_time_msecs=None, smb_ad_disabled=None, smb_multichannel_enabled=None, stig_mode=None, syslog_servers=None, tenant_viewbox_sharing_enabled=None, timezone=None, turbo_mode=None)[source]

Bases: object

Implementation of the ‘UpdateClusterParams’ model.

Specifies the configuration settings that can be updated on the Cohesity Cluster.


apps_subnet (Subnet): The subnet for Athena apps. banner_enabled (bool): Specifies whether UI banner is enabled on the

cluster or not. When banner is enabled, UI will make an additional API call to fetch the banner and show at the login page.

cluster_audit_log_config (ClusterAuditLogConfiguration): Specifies the

settings of the Cluster audit log configuration.

dns_server_ips (list of string): Array of IP Addresses of DNS Servers.

Specifies the IP addresses of the DNS Servers used by the Cohesity Cluster.

domain_names (list of string): Array of Domain Names. The first

domain name specified in the array is the fully qualified domain name assigned to the Cohesity Cluster. Any additional domain names specified are used for the domain search list for hostname look-up.

enable_active_monitoring (bool): Specifies if Cohesity can receive

monitoring information from the Cohesity Cluster. If ‘true’, remote monitoring of the Cohesity Cluster is allowed.

enable_upgrade_pkg_polling (bool): If ‘true’, Cohesity’s upgrade

server is polled for new releases.

encryption_key_rotation_period_secs (long|int): Specifies the period

of time (in seconds) when encryption keys are rotated. By default, the encryption keys are rotated every 77760000 seconds (30 days).

fault_tolerance_level (UpdateClusterParamsFaultToleranceLevelEnum):

Specifies the level which ‘MetadataFaultToleranceFactor’ applies to. ‘kNode’ indicates ‘MetadataFaultToleranceFactor’ applies to Node level. ‘kChassis’ indicates ‘MetadataFaultToleranceFactor’ applies to Chassis level. ‘kRack’ indicates ‘MetadataFaultToleranceFactor’ applies to Rack level.

filer_audit_log_config (FilerAuditLogConfiguration): Specifies the

settings of the filer audit log configuration.

gateway (string): Specifies the gateway IP address. google_analytics_enabled (bool): Specifies whether Google Analytics is


is_documentation_local (bool): Specifies what version of the

documentation is used. If ‘true’, the version of documentation stored locally on the Cohesity Cluster is used. If ‘false’, the documentation stored on a Cohesity Web Server is used. The default is ‘false’. Cohesity recommends accessing the Help from the Cohesity Web site which provides the newest and most complete version of Help.

language_locale (string): Specifies the language and locale for this

Cohesity Cluster.

local_auth_domain_name (string): Domain name for SMB local


local_groups_enabled (bool): Specifies whether to enable local groups

on cluster. Once it is enabled, it cannot be disabled.

metadata_fault_tolerance_factor (int): Specifies metadata fault

tolerance setting for the cluster. This denotes the number of simultaneous failures[node] supported by metadata services like gandalf and scribe.

multi_tenancy_enabled (bool): Specifies if multi tenancy is enabled in

the cluster. Authentication & Authorization will always use tenant_id, however, some UI elements may be disabled when multi tenancy is disabled.

name (string): Specifies the name of the Cohesity Cluster. ntp_settings (NtpSettingsConfig): Specifies if the ntp/master slave

scheme should be disabled for this cluster.

pcie_ssd_tier_rebalance_delay_secs (int): Specifies the rebalance

delay in seconds for cluster PcieSSD storage tier.

reverse_tunnel_enabled (bool): If ‘true’, Cohesity’s Remote Tunnel is

enabled. Cohesity can access the Cluster and provide remote assistance via a Remote Tunnel.

reverse_tunnel_end_time_msecs (long|int): ReverseTunnelEndTimeMsecs

specifies the end time in milliseconds since epoch until when the reverse tunnel will stay enabled.

smb_ad_disabled (bool): Specifies if Active Directory should be

disabled for authentication of SMB shares. If ‘true’, Active Directory is disabled.

smb_multichannel_enabled (bool): Specifies whether SMB multichannel is

enabled on the cluster. When this is set to true, then any SMB3 multichannel enabled client can establish multiple TCP connection per session to the Server.

stig_mode (bool): Specifies if STIG mode is enabled or not. syslog_servers (list of OldSyslogServer): Array of Syslog Servers.

Specifies a list of Syslog servers to send audit logs to.

tenant_viewbox_sharing_enabled (bool): In case multi tenancy is

enabled, this flag controls whether multiple tenants can be placed on the same viewbox. Once set to true, this flag should never become false.

timezone (string): Specifies the timezone to use for showing time in

emails, reports, filer audit logs, etc.

turbo_mode (bool): Specifies if the cluster is in Turbo mode.

classmethod from_dictionary(dictionary)[source]

Creates an instance of this model from a dictionary


dictionary (dictionary): A dictionary representation of the object as obtained from the deserialization of the server’s response. The keys MUST match property names in the API description.


object: An instance of this structure class.