models_v2.new_source_config_4 module

class models_v2.new_source_config_4.NewSourceConfig4(host=None, instance_name=None, data_file_directory_location=None, log_file_directory_location=None, database_name=None, restore_time_usecs=None, secondary_data_files_dir_list=None, with_no_recovery=None, keep_cdc=None, overwriting_policy=None, multi_stage_restore_options=None, native_recovery_with_clause=None)[source]

Bases: object

Implementation of the ‘NewSourceConfig4’ model.

Specifies the destination Source configuration parameters where the databases will be recovered. This is mandatory if recoverToNewSource is set to true.

host (Host): Specifies the source id of target host where databases

will be recovered. This source id can be a physical host or virtual machine.

instance_name (string): Specifies an instance name of the Sql Server

that should be used for restoring databases to.

data_file_directory_location (string): Specifies the directory where

to put the database data files. Missing directory will be automatically created.

log_file_directory_location (string): Specifies the directory where to

put the database log files. Missing directory will be automatically created.

database_name (string): Specifies a new name for the restored

database. If this field is not specified, then the original database will be overwritten after recovery.

restore_time_usecs (long|int): Specifies the time in the past to which

the Sql database needs to be restored. This allows for granular recovery of Sql databases. If this is not set, the Sql database will be restored from the full/incremental snapshot.

secondary_data_files_dir_list (list of FilenamePatternToDirectory):

Specifies the secondary data filename pattern and corresponding direcories of the DB. Secondary data files are optional and are user defined. The recommended file extention for secondary files is “.ndf”. If this option is specified and the destination folders do not exist they will be automatically created.

with_no_recovery (bool): Specifies the flag to bring DBs online or not

after successful recovery. If this is passed as true, then it means DBs won’t be brought online.

keep_cdc (bool): Specifies whether to keep CDC (Change Data Capture)

on recovered databases or not. If not passed, this is assumed to be true. If withNoRecovery is passed as true, then this field must not be set to true. Passing this field as true in this scenario will be a invalid request.

overwriting_policy (OverwritingPolicyEnum): Specifies a policy to be

used while recovering existing databases.

multi_stage_restore_options (MultiStageRestoreOptions): Specifies the

parameters related to multi stage Sql restore.

native_recovery_with_clause (string): ‘with_clause’ contains ‘with

clause’ to be used in native sql restore command. This is only applicable for database restore of native sql backup. Here user can specify multiple restore options. Example: ‘WITH BUFFERCOUNT = 575, MAXTRANSFERSIZE = 2097152’.

classmethod from_dictionary(dictionary)[source]

Creates an instance of this model from a dictionary


dictionary (dictionary): A dictionary representation of the object as obtained from the deserialization of the server’s response. The keys MUST match property names in the API description.


object: An instance of this structure class.