models.status_restore_task_enum module

class models.status_restore_task_enum.StatusRestoreTaskEnum[source]

Bases: object

Implementation of the ‘Status_RestoreTask’ enum.

Specifies the overall status of the Restore Task. ‘kReadyToSchedule’ indicates the Restore Task is waiting to be scheduled. ‘kProgressMonitorCreated’ indicates the progress monitor for the Restore Task has been created. ‘kRetrievedFromArchive’ indicates that the objects to restore have been retrieved from the specified archive. A Task will only ever transition to this state if a retrieval is necessary. ‘kAdmitted’ indicates the task has been admitted. After a task has been admitted, its status does not move back to ‘kReadyToSchedule’ state even if it is rescheduled. ‘kInProgress’ indicates that the Restore Task is in progress. ‘kFinishingProgressMonitor’ indicates that the Restore Task is finishing its progress monitoring. ‘kFinished’ indicates that the Restore Task has finished. The status indicating success or failure is found in the error code that is stored with the Restore Task. ‘kInternalViewCreated’ indicates that internal view for the task has been created. ‘kZipFileRequested’ indicates that request has been sent to create zip files for the files to be downloaded. This state is only going to be present for kDownloadFiles Task. ‘kCancelled’ indicates that task or jb has been cancelled.


KREADYTOSCHEDULE: TODO: type description here. KPROGRESSMONITORCREATED: TODO: type description here. KRETRIEVEDFROMARCHIVE: TODO: type description here. KADMITTED: TODO: type description here. KINPROGRESS: TODO: type description here. KFINISHINGPROGRESSMONITOR: TODO: type description here. KFINISHED: TODO: type description here. KINTERNALVIEWCREATED: TODO: type description here. KZIPFILEREQUESTED: TODO: type description here. KCANCELLED: TODO: type description here.

KADMITTED = 'kAdmitted'
KCANCELLED = 'kCancelled'
KFINISHED = 'kFinished'
KINPROGRESS = 'kInProgress'