models.type_kubernetes_protection_source_enum module

class models.type_kubernetes_protection_source_enum.TypeKubernetesProtectionSourceEnum[source]

Bases: object

Implementation of the ‘Type_KubernetesProtectionSource’ enum.

Specifies the type of the entity in a Kubernetes environment. Specifies the type of a Kubernetes Protection Source. ‘kCluster’ indicates a Kubernetes Cluster. ‘kNamespace’ indicates a namespace in a Kubernetes Cluster. ‘kService’ indicates a service running on a Kubernetes Cluster.


KCLUSTER: TODO: type description here. KNAMESPACE: TODO: type description here. KSERVICE: TODO: type description here.

KCLUSTER = 'kCluster'
KNAMESPACE = 'kNamespace'
KSERVICE = 'kService'