models_v2.nfs_squash_enum module

class models_v2.nfs_squash_enum.NfsSquashEnum[source]

Bases: object

Implementation of the ‘NfsSquash’ enum.

Specifies which nfsSquash Mounted. ‘kNone’ mounts none. ‘kRootSquash’ mounts nfsRootSquash. Whether clients from this subnet can mount as root on NFS. ‘kAllSquash’ mounts nfsAllSquash. Whether all clients from this subnet can map view with view_all_squash_uid/view_all_squash_gid configured in the view.


KNONE: TODO: type description here. KROOTSQUASH: TODO: type description here. KALLSQUASH: TODO: type description here.

KALLSQUASH = 'kAllSquash'
KNONE = 'kNone'
KROOTSQUASH = 'kRootSquash'