models.required_privileges_enum module

class models.required_privileges_enum.RequiredPrivilegesEnum[source]

Bases: object

Implementation of the ‘RequiredPrivileges’ enum.

Specifies privileges that are required for this app. App privilege information.

Specifies privileges that are required for this app. kReadAccess - App needs views for read access. kReadWriteAccess - App needs views for Read/write access. kManagementAccess - App needs management access via iris API. kAutoMountAccess - Whether to allow auto-mounting all the views. kUnrestrictedAppUIAccess - Whether app requires unrestricted UI access (i.e. without passing app access token in URL). kAuditLogViewReadAccess - Whether app requires read access to the internal audit log view. kProtectedObjectAccess - Whether app requires read access to protected objects.


KREADACCESS: TODO: type description here. KREADWRITEACCESS: TODO: type description here. KMANAGEMENTACCESS: TODO: type description here. KAUTOMOUNTACCESS: TODO: type description here. KUNRESTRICTEDAPPUIACCESS: TODO: type description here. KAUDITLOGVIEWREADACCESS: TODO: type description here. KPROTECTEDOBJECTACCESS: TODO: type description here.

KMANAGEMENTACCESS = 'kManagementAccess'
KREADACCESS = 'kReadAccess'