models.scheduler_proto_scheduler_job_schedule__report_parameters module

class models.scheduler_proto_scheduler_job_schedule__report_parameters.SchedulerProto_SchedulerJob_ScheduleJobParameters_ReportJobParameter_Report_Parameters(all_under_hierarchy=None, compact_version=None, consecutive_failures=None, environment=None, group_by=None, health_status=None, host_os_type=None, job_id=None, job_name=None, last_n_days=None, object_ids=None, object_type=None, registered_source_id=None, registered_source_ids=None, rollup=None, run_status=None, sid=None, tenant_id_vec=None, timezone=None, unix_uid=None, vault_ids=None, view_box_id=None, view_name=None, viewbox_ids=None, vm_name=None)[source]

Bases: object

Implementation of the ‘SchedulerProto_SchedulerJob_ScheduleJobParameters_ReportJobParameter_Report_Parameters’ model.

Specifies the report parameters.

all_under_hierarchy (bool): Specifies if subtenants of the given

tenants should be considered for report generation.

compact_version (compactVersion): Specifies the Cohesity Agent

software version.

consecutive_failures (int): Specifies the number of consecutive


environment (script): Specifies the Environment for the entity being


group_by (int): Specifies if the report should be grouped by any


health_status (list of string): Specifies the Cohesity Agent health


host_os_type (list of string): Specifies the OS type on which Cohesity

Agent is installed.

job_id (int|long): Specifies the id of the job for which to get the

report data.

job_name (string): Specifies the name of the job for which to get the

report data.

last_n_days (int): Specifies the number of days from current date for

which the report data is to be fetched.

object_ids (list of long|int): Specifies the object ids for which to

get the report data.

object_type (string): Specifies the object type for which to get the

report data.

registered_source_id (long|int): Specifies the registered source for

which to get the report data.

registered_source_ids (list of long|int): Specifies the registered

sources for which to get the report data.

rollup (string): Specifies the

rollup(day/week/month) for protected object trends report.

run_status (list of string): Specifies the run status for which to get

the report data.

sid (string): Specifies the sid of the user. tenant_id_vec (list of string): Specifies tenant ids for which report

needs to be generated.

timezone (string): Specifies the timezone. unix_uid (int): Specifies the unix uid of the user. vault_ids (list of int|long): Specifies the vault ids for which to get

the report data.

view_box_id (int|long): Specifies the view box for which to get the

report data.

view_name (string): Specifies the view name for which the report is


viewbox_ids (list of int|long): Specifies the viewbox ids to filter


vm_name (string): Specifies the VM name for which to get the report


classmethod from_dictionary(dictionary)[source]

Creates an instance of this model from a dictionary


dictionary (dictionary): A dictionary representation of the object as obtained from the deserialization of the server’s response. The keys MUST match property names in the API description.


object: An instance of this structure class.