models_v2.run_type_2_enum module

class models_v2.run_type_2_enum.RunType2Enum[source]

Bases: object

Implementation of the ‘RunType2’ enum.

Type of protection run. ‘kRegular’ indicates an incremental (CBT) backup. Incremental backups utilizing CBT (if supported) are captured of the target protection objects. The first run of a kRegular schedule captures all the blocks. ‘kFull’ indicates a full (no CBT) backup. A complete backup (all blocks) of the target protection objects are always captured and Change Block Tracking (CBT) is not utilized. ‘kLog’ indicates a Database Log backup. Capture the database transaction logs to allow rolling back to a specific point in time. ‘kSystem’ indicates system volume backup. It produces an image for bare metal recovery.


KREGULAR: TODO: type description here. KFULL: TODO: type description here. KLOG: TODO: type description here. KSYSTEM: TODO: type description here. KHYDRATECDP: TODO: type description here.

KFULL = 'kFull'
KLOG = 'kLog'
KREGULAR = 'kRegular'
KSYSTEM = 'kSystem'