models_v2.unit_13_enum module

class models_v2.unit_13_enum.Unit13Enum[source]

Bases: object

Implementation of the ‘Unit13’ enum.

Specifies how often to start new runs of a Protection Group. <br>’Days’ specifies that Protection Group run starts periodically on every day. For full backup schedule, currently we only support frequecny of 1 which indicates that full backup will be performed daily. <br>’Weeks’ specifies that new Protection Group runs start weekly on certain days specified using ‘dayOfWeek’ field. <br>’Months’ specifies that new Protection Group runs start monthly on certain day of specific week. This schedule needs ‘weekOfMonth’ and ‘dayOfWeek’ fields to be set. <br> Example: To run the Protection Group on Second Sunday of Every Month, following schedule need to be set: <br> unit: ‘Month’ <br> dayOfWeek: ‘Sunday’ <br> weekOfMonth: ‘Second’


DAYS: TODO: type description here. WEEKS: TODO: type description here. MONTHS: TODO: type description here.

DAYS = 'Days'
MONTHS = 'Months'
WEEKS = 'Weeks'