models.remediation_state_update_infected_file_params_enum module

class models.remediation_state_update_infected_file_params_enum.RemediationStateUpdateInfectedFileParamsEnum[source]

Bases: object

Implementation of the ‘RemediationState_UpdateInfectedFileParams’ enum.

Specifies the remediation state of the file. Not setting any value to remediation state will reset the infected file. Remediation State. ‘kQuarantine’ indicates ‘Quarantine’ state of the file. This state blocks the client access. The administrator will have to manually delete, rescan or unquarantine the file. ‘kUnquarantine’ indicates ‘Unquarantine’ state of the file. The administrator has manually moved files from quarantined to the unquarantined state to allow client access. Unquarantined files are not scanned for virus until manually reset.


KQUARANTINE: TODO: type description here. KUNQUARANTINE: TODO: type description here.

KQUARANTINE = 'kQuarantine'
KUNQUARANTINE = 'kUnquarantine'