models_v2.basic_view_params module

class models_v2.basic_view_params.BasicViewParams(protocol_access=None, qos=None, override_global_subnet_whitelist=None, subnet_whitelist=None, override_global_netgroup_whitelist=None, netgroup_whitelist=None, security_mode=None, storage_policy_override=None, logical_quota=None, file_lock_config=None, file_extension_filter=None, antivirus_scan_config=None, description=None, allow_mount_on_windows=None, enable_minion=None, enable_filer_audit_logging=None, tenant_id=None, enable_live_indexing=None, enable_offline_caching=None, swift_project_domain=None, swift_project_name=None, access_sids=None, view_lock_enabled=None, is_externally_triggered_backup_target=None)[source]

Bases: object

Implementation of the ‘Basic View Params.’ model.

Basic View Params

protocol_access (list of ProtocolOption): Specifies the supported

Protocols for the View.

qos (QoS): Specifies the Quality of Service (QoS) Policy for the


override_global_subnet_whitelist (bool): Specifies whether view level

client subnet whitelist overrides cluster and global setting.

subnet_whitelist (list of Subnet): Array of Subnets. Specifies a list

of Subnets with IP addresses that have permissions to access the View. (Overrides or extends the Subnets specified at the global Cohesity Cluster level.)

override_global_netgroup_whitelist (bool): Specifies whether view

level client netgroup whitelist overrides cluster and global setting.

netgroup_whitelist (NisNetgroups): Response of NIS Netgroups. security_mode (SecurityModeEnum): Specifies the security mode used for

this view. Currently we support the following modes: Native, Unified and NTFS style. ‘NativeMode’ indicates a native security mode. ‘UnifiedMode’ indicates a unified security mode. ‘NtfsMode’ indicates a NTFS style security mode.

storage_policy_override (StoragePolicyOverride): Specifies if inline

deduplication and compression settings inherited from Storage Domain (View Box) should be disabled for this View.

logical_quota (QuotaPolicy): Specifies a quota limit that can be

optionally applied to Views and Storage Domains. At the View level, this quota defines a logical limit for usage on the View. At the Storage Domain level, this quota defines a physical limit or a default logical View limit. If a physical quota is specified for Storage Domain, this quota defines a physical limit for the usage on the Storage Domain. If a default logical View quota is specified for Storage Domain, this limit is inherited by all the Views in that Storage Domain. However, this inherited quota can be overwritten at the View level. A new write is not allowed if the resource will exceed the specified quota. However, it takes time for the Cohesity Cluster to calculate the usage across Nodes, so the limit may be exceeded by a small amount. In addition, if the limit is increased or data is removed, there may be a delay before the Cohesity Cluster allows more data to be written to the resource, as the Cluster calculates the usage across Nodes.

file_lock_config (FileLevelDataLockConfigurations): Specifies a config

to lock files in a view - to protect from malicious or an accidental attempt to delete or modify the files in this view.

file_extension_filter (FileExtensionFilter): TODO: type description


antivirus_scan_config (AntivirusScanConfig): Specifies the antivirus

scan config settings for this View.

description (string): Specifies an optional text description about the


allow_mount_on_windows (bool): Specifies if this View can be mounted

using the NFS protocol on Windows systems. If true, this View can be NFS mounted on Windows systems. hidden: true

enable_minion (bool): Specifies if this view should allow minion or

not. If true, this will allow minion. hidden: true

enable_filer_audit_logging (bool): Specifies if Filer Audit Logging is

enabled for this view.

tenant_id (string): Optional tenant id who has access to this View. enable_live_indexing (bool): Specifies whether to enable live indexing

for the view.

enable_offline_caching (bool): Specifies whether to enable offline

file caching of the view.

swift_project_domain (string): Specifies the Keystone project domain. swift_project_name (string): Specifies the Keystone project name. access_sids (list of string): Array of Security Identifiers (SIDs)

Specifies the list of security identifiers (SIDs) for the restricted Principals who have access to this View.

view_lock_enabled (bool): Specifies whether view lock is enabled. If

enabled the view cannot be modified or deleted until unlock. By default it is disabled.

is_externally_triggered_backup_target (bool): Specifies whether the

view is for externally triggered backup target. If so, Magneto will ignore the backup schedule for the view protection job of this view. By default it is disabled.

classmethod from_dictionary(dictionary)[source]

Creates an instance of this model from a dictionary


dictionary (dictionary): A dictionary representation of the object as obtained from the deserialization of the server’s response. The keys MUST match property names in the API description.


object: An instance of this structure class.