models.acropolis_protection_source module

class models.acropolis_protection_source.AcropolisProtectionSource(cluster_uuid=None, description=None, mount_path=None, name=None, mtype=None, uuid=None)[source]

Bases: object

Implementation of the ‘AcropolisProtectionSource’ model.

Specifies a Protection Source in Acropolis environment.

cluster_uuid (string): Specifies the UUID of the Acropolis cluster

instance to which this entity belongs to.

description (string): Specifies a description about the Protection


mount_path (bool): Specifies whether the the VM is an agent VM. This

is applicable to acropolis entity of type kVirtualMachine.

name (string): Specifies the name of the Acropolis Object. mtype (TypeEnum): Specifies the type of an Acropolis Protection Source

Object such as ‘kPrismCentral’, ‘kHost’, ‘kNetwork’, etc. Specifies the type of an Acropolis source entity. ‘kPrismCentral’ indicates a collection of multiple Nutanix clusters. ‘kStandaloneCluster’ indicates a single Nutanix cluster. ‘kCluster’ indicates a Nutanix cluster manageed by a Prism Central. ‘kHost’ indicates an Acropolis host. ‘kVirtualMachine’ indicates a Virtual Machine. ‘kNetwork’ indicates a Virtual Machine network object. ‘kStorageContainer’ represents a storage container object.

uuid (string): Specifies the UUID of the Acropolis Object. This is

unique within the cluster instance. Together with clusterUuid, this entity is unique within the Acropolis environment.

classmethod from_dictionary(dictionary)[source]

Creates an instance of this model from a dictionary


dictionary (dictionary): A dictionary representation of the object as obtained from the deserialization of the server’s response. The keys MUST match property names in the API description.


object: An instance of this structure class.