models.connection_state_enum module

class models.connection_state_enum.ConnectionStateEnum[source]

Bases: object

Implementation of the ‘ConnectionState’ enum.

Specifies the connection state of the Object and are only valid for ESXi hosts (‘kHostSystem’) or Virtual Machines (‘kVirtualMachine’). These enums are equivalent to the connection states documented in VMware’s reference documentation. Examples of Cohesity connection states include ‘kConnected’, ‘kDisconnected’, ‘kInacccessible’, etc. ‘kConnected’ indicates that server has access to virtual machine. ‘kDisconnected’ indicates that server is currently disconnected to virtual machine. ‘kInaccessible’ indicates that one or more configuration files are inacccessible. ‘kInvalid’ indicates that virtual machine configuration is invalid. ‘kOrphaned’ indicates that virtual machine is no longer registered on the host it is associated with. ‘kNotResponding’ indicates that virtual machine is failed to response due to external issues such as network connectivity, hostd not running etc.


KCONNECTED: TODO: type description here. KDISCONNECTED: TODO: type description here. KINACCESSIBLE: TODO: type description here. KINVALID: TODO: type description here. KORPHANED: TODO: type description here. KNOTRESPONDING: TODO: type description here.

KCONNECTED = 'kConnected'
KDISCONNECTED = 'kDisconnected'
KINACCESSIBLE = 'kInaccessible'
KINVALID = 'kInvalid'
KNOTRESPONDING = 'kNotResponding'
KORPHANED = 'kOrphaned'