models_v2.object_protection_run_summary module

class models_v2.object_protection_run_summary.ObjectProtectionRunSummary(id=None, name=None, source_id=None, source_name=None, environment=None, run_id=None, run_type=None, is_sla_violated=None, protection_group_id=None, protection_group_name=None, is_local_snapshots_deleted=None, is_replication_run=None, is_cloud_archival_direct=None, policy_id=None, policy_name=None, storage_domain_id=None, permissions=None, origin_cluster_identifier=None, origin_protection_group_id=None, local_snapshot_info=None, original_backup_info=None, replication_info=None, archival_info=None, cloud_spin_info=None, on_legal_hold=None, data_lock=None)[source]

Bases: object

Implementation of the ‘Object Protection Run Summary.’ model.

Specifies the response body of the get object runs request.


id (long|int): Specifies object id. name (string): Specifies the name of the object. source_id (long|int): Specifies registered source id to which object


source_name (string): Specifies registered source name to which object


environment (EnvironmentEnum): Specifies the environment of the


run_id (string): Specifies the ID of the protection run. run_type (RunType7Enum): Type of Protection run. ‘kRegular’ indicates

an incremental (CBT) backup. Incremental backups utilizing CBT (if supported) are captured of the target protection objects. The first run of a kRegular schedule captures all the blocks. ‘kFull’ indicates a full (no CBT) backup. A complete backup (all blocks) of the target protection objects are always captured and Change Block Tracking (CBT) is not utilized. ‘kLog’ indicates a Database Log backup. Capture the database transaction logs to allow rolling back to a specific point in time. ‘kSystem’ indicates system volume backup. It produces an image for bare metal recovery.

is_sla_violated (bool): Indicated if SLA has been violated for this


protection_group_id (string): ProtectionGroupId to which this run

belongs. This will only be populated if the object is protected by a protection group.

protection_group_name (string): Name of the Protection Group to which

this run belongs. This will only be populated if the object is protected by a protection group.

is_local_snapshots_deleted (bool): Specifies if snapshots for this run

has been deleted.

is_replication_run (bool): Specifies if this protection run is a

replication run.

is_cloud_archival_direct (bool): Specifies whether the run is a CAD

run if cloud archive direct feature is enabled. If this field is true, the primary backup copy will only be available at the given archived location.

policy_id (string): Specifies the unique id of the Protection Policy

associated with the Protection Run. The Policy provides retry settings Protection Schedules, Priority, SLA, etc.

policy_name (string): Specifies Specifies the name of the Protection


storage_domain_id (long|int): Specifies the Storage Domain (View Box)

ID where this Protection Run writes data.

permissions (list of Tenant): Specifies the list of tenants that have

permissions for this protection group run.

origin_cluster_identifier (ClusterIdentifier): Specifies the

information about a cluster.

origin_protection_group_id (string): ProtectionGroupId to which this

run belongs on the primary cluster if this run is a replication run.

local_snapshot_info (SnapshotRunInformationForAnObject): Specifies

information about backup run for an object.

original_backup_info (SnapshotRunInformationForAnObject): Specifies

information about backup run for an object.

replication_info (ReplicationRunInformationForAnObject): Specifies

information about replication run for an object.

archival_info (ArchivalRunInformationForAnObject): Specifies

information about archival run for an object.

cloud_spin_info (CloudSpinRunInformationForAnObject): Specifies

information about Cloud Spin run for an object.

on_legal_hold (bool): Specifies if object’s snapshot is on legal


data_lock (DataLockEnum): Specifies WORM retention type for the local

backeup. When a WORM retention type is specified, the snapshots of the Protection Groups using this policy will be kept until the maximum of the snapshot retention time. During that time, the snapshots cannot be deleted. ‘Compliance’ implies WORM retention is set for compliance reason. ‘Administrative’ implies WORM retention is set for administrative purposes.

classmethod from_dictionary(dictionary)[source]

Creates an instance of this model from a dictionary


dictionary (dictionary): A dictionary representation of the object as obtained from the deserialization of the server’s response. The keys MUST match property names in the API description.


object: An instance of this structure class.