Source code for models_v2.netapp_protection_group_params

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

import cohesity_management_sdk.models_v2.netapp_protection_group_object_params
import cohesity_management_sdk.models_v2.snapshot_label
import cohesity_management_sdk.models_v2.snap_mirror_config
import cohesity_management_sdk.models_v2.indexing_policy
import cohesity_management_sdk.models_v2.file_level_data_lock_configurations
import cohesity_management_sdk.models_v2.protection_group_file_filtering_policy
import cohesity_management_sdk.models_v2.host_based_backup_script_params

[docs]class NetappProtectionGroupParams(object): """Implementation of the 'NetappProtectionGroupParams' model. Specifies the parameters which are specific to Netapp related Protection Groups. Attributes: objects (list of NetappProtectionGroupObjectParams): Specifies the objects to be included in the Protection Group. exclude_object_ids (list of long|int): Specifies the objects to be excluded in the Protection Group. direct_cloud_archive (bool): Specifies whether or not to store the snapshots in this run directly in an Archive Target instead of on the Cluster. If this is set to true, the associated policy must have exactly one Archive Target associated with it and the policy must be set up to archive after every run. Also, a Storage Domain cannot be specified. Default behavior is 'false'. native_format (bool): Specifies whether or not to enable native format for direct archive job. This field is set to true if native format should be used for archiving. snapshot_label (SnapshotLabel): Specifies the snapshot label for incremental and full backup of Secondary Netapp volumes (Data-Protect Volumes). snap_mirror_config (SnapMirrorConfig): Specifies the snapshot backup configuration if S3 views are used for backing up NetApp Data-Protect volumes. backup_existing_snapshot (bool): Specifies that snapshot label is not set for Data-Protect Netapp Volumes backup. If field is set to true, existing oldest snapshot is used for backup and subsequent incremental will be selected in ascending order of snapshot create time on the source. If snapshot label is set, this field is set to false. indexing_policy (IndexingPolicy): Specifies settings for indexing files found in an Object (such as a VM) so these files can be searched and recovered. This also specifies inclusion and exclusion rules that determine the directories to index. protocol (ProtocolEnum): Specifies the preferred protocol to use if this device supports multiple protocols. continue_on_error (bool): Specifies whether or not the Protection Group should continue regardless of whether or not an error was encountered during protection group run. encryption_enabled (bool): Specifies whether the protection group should use encryption while backup or not. file_lock_config (FileLevelDataLockConfigurations): Specifies a config to lock files in a view - to protect from malicious or an accidental attempt to delete or modify the files in this view. file_filters (ProtectionGroupFileFilteringPolicy): Specifies a set of filters for a file based Protection Group. These values are strings which can represent a prefix or suffix. Example: '/tmp' or '*.mp4'. For file based Protection Groups, all files under prefixes specified by the 'includeFilters' list will be protected unless they are explicitly excluded by the 'excludeFilters' list. source_id (long|int): Specifies the id of the parent of the objects. source_name (string): Specifies the name of the parent of the objects. pre_post_script (HostBasedBackupScriptParams): Specifies params of a pre/post scripts to be executed before and after a backup run. """ # Create a mapping from Model property names to API property names _names = { "objects":'objects', "exclude_object_ids":'excludeObjectIds', "direct_cloud_archive":'directCloudArchive', "native_format":'nativeFormat', "snapshot_label":'snapshotLabel', "snap_mirror_config":'snapMirrorConfig', "backup_existing_snapshot":'backupExistingSnapshot', "indexing_policy":'indexingPolicy', "protocol":'protocol', "continue_on_error":'continueOnError', "encryption_enabled":'encryptionEnabled', "file_lock_config":'fileLockConfig', "file_filters":'fileFilters', "source_id":'sourceId', "source_name":'sourceName', "pre_post_script":'prePostScript' } def __init__(self, objects=None, exclude_object_ids=None, direct_cloud_archive=None, native_format=None, snapshot_label=None, snap_mirror_config=None, backup_existing_snapshot=None, indexing_policy=None, protocol=None, continue_on_error=None, encryption_enabled=None, file_lock_config=None, file_filters=None, source_id=None, source_name=None, pre_post_script=None): """Constructor for the NetappProtectionGroupParams class""" # Initialize members of the class self.objects = objects self.exclude_object_ids = exclude_object_ids self.direct_cloud_archive = direct_cloud_archive self.native_format = native_format self.snapshot_label = snapshot_label self.snap_mirror_config = snap_mirror_config self.backup_existing_snapshot = backup_existing_snapshot self.indexing_policy = indexing_policy self.protocol = protocol self.continue_on_error = continue_on_error self.encryption_enabled = encryption_enabled self.file_lock_config = file_lock_config self.file_filters = file_filters self.source_id = source_id self.source_name = source_name self.pre_post_script = pre_post_script
[docs] @classmethod def from_dictionary(cls, dictionary): """Creates an instance of this model from a dictionary Args: dictionary (dictionary): A dictionary representation of the object as obtained from the deserialization of the server's response. The keys MUST match property names in the API description. Returns: object: An instance of this structure class. """ if dictionary is None: return None # Extract variables from the dictionary objects = None if dictionary.get('objects') != None: objects = list() for structure in dictionary.get('objects'): objects.append(cohesity_management_sdk.models_v2.netapp_protection_group_object_params.NetappProtectionGroupObjectParams.from_dictionary(structure)) exclude_object_ids = dictionary.get('excludeObjectIds') direct_cloud_archive = dictionary.get('directCloudArchive') native_format = dictionary.get('nativeFormat') snapshot_label = cohesity_management_sdk.models_v2.snapshot_label.SnapshotLabel.from_dictionary(dictionary.get('snapshotLabel')) if dictionary.get('snapshotLabel') else None snap_mirror_config = cohesity_management_sdk.models_v2.snap_mirror_config.SnapMirrorConfig.from_dictionary(dictionary.get('snapMirrorConfig')) if dictionary.get('snapMirrorConfig') else None backup_existing_snapshot = dictionary.get('backupExistingSnapshot') indexing_policy = cohesity_management_sdk.models_v2.indexing_policy.IndexingPolicy.from_dictionary(dictionary.get('indexingPolicy')) if dictionary.get('indexingPolicy') else None protocol = dictionary.get('protocol') continue_on_error = dictionary.get('continueOnError') encryption_enabled = dictionary.get('encryptionEnabled') file_lock_config = cohesity_management_sdk.models_v2.file_level_data_lock_configurations.FileLevelDataLockConfigurations.from_dictionary(dictionary.get('fileLockConfig')) if dictionary.get('fileLockConfig') else None file_filters = cohesity_management_sdk.models_v2.protection_group_file_filtering_policy.ProtectionGroupFileFilteringPolicy.from_dictionary(dictionary.get('fileFilters')) if dictionary.get('fileFilters') else None source_id = dictionary.get('sourceId') source_name = dictionary.get('sourceName') pre_post_script = cohesity_management_sdk.models_v2.host_based_backup_script_params.HostBasedBackupScriptParams.from_dictionary(dictionary.get('prePostScript')) if dictionary.get('prePostScript') else None # Return an object of this model return cls(objects, exclude_object_ids, direct_cloud_archive, native_format, snapshot_label, snap_mirror_config, backup_existing_snapshot, indexing_policy, protocol, continue_on_error, encryption_enabled, file_lock_config, file_filters, source_id, source_name, pre_post_script)