Source code for models.type_nimble_protection_source_enum

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright 2021 Cohesity Inc.

[docs]class TypeNimbleProtectionSourceEnum(object): """Implementation of the 'Type_NimbleProtectionSource' enum. Specifies the type of managed Object in a SAN/Nimble Protection Source like a kStorageArray or kVolume. Examples of SAN Objects include 'kStorageArray' and 'kVolume'. 'kStorageArray' indicates that entire SAN storage array is being protected. 'kVolume' indicates that volume within the array is being protected. Attributes: KSTORAGEARRAY: TODO: type description here. KVOLUME: TODO: type description here. """ KSTORAGEARRAY = 'kStorageArray' KVOLUME = 'kVolume'