Source code for models.remote_script_path_and_params

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright 2021 Cohesity Inc.

[docs]class RemoteScriptPathAndParams(object): """Implementation of the 'RemoteScriptPathAndParams' model. Specifies the path to the remote script and any parameters expected by the remote script. Attributes: continue_on_error (bool): Specifies if the script needs to continue even if there is an occurence of an error. If this flag is set to true, then backup job will start even if the pre backup script fails. Applicable only for pre backup scripts. is_active (bool): Specifies if the script is active. If set to false, this script will not be executed even if it is part of the backup job. script_params (string): Specifies the parameters and values to pass into the remote script. For example if the script expects values for the 'database' and 'user' parameters, specify the parameters and values using the following string: "database=myDatabase user=me". script_path (string): Specifies the path to the script on the remote host. timeout_secs (int): Specifies the timeout of the script in seconds. The script will be killed if it exceeds this value. If the value of the field is '-1' then timeout is not set for the script. """ # Create a mapping from Model property names to API property names _names = { "continue_on_error":'continueOnError', "is_active":'isActive', "script_params":'scriptParams', "script_path":'scriptPath', "timeout_secs":'timeoutSecs' } def __init__(self, continue_on_error=None, is_active=None, script_params=None, script_path=None, timeout_secs=None): """Constructor for the RemoteScriptPathAndParams class""" # Initialize members of the class self.continue_on_error = continue_on_error self.is_active = is_active self.script_params = script_params self.script_path = script_path self.timeout_secs = timeout_secs
[docs] @classmethod def from_dictionary(cls, dictionary): """Creates an instance of this model from a dictionary Args: dictionary (dictionary): A dictionary representation of the object as obtained from the deserialization of the server's response. The keys MUST match property names in the API description. Returns: object: An instance of this structure class. """ if dictionary is None: return None # Extract variables from the dictionary continue_on_error = dictionary.get('continueOnError') is_active = dictionary.get('isActive') script_params = dictionary.get('scriptParams') script_path = dictionary.get('scriptPath') timeout_secs = dictionary.get('timeoutSecs') # Return an object of this model return cls(continue_on_error, is_active, script_params, script_path, timeout_secs)